Keeping a Close Eye on Potentially High Risk Fraud Alerts

IDVision Alert from TransUnion issues warnings about information that appears to be genuine but, in reality, may be questionable. It helps eliminate possible problems downstream while reducing false positives. IDVision Alert is a more comprehensive alert service and checks more criteria to help you reduce fraud, protect customers, and lower risk on potential and existing accounts.

IDVision Alert uses one of the industry’s most complete national files of potentially fraudulent information. It also offers a variety of powerful message categories:

  • True name fraud information—Compares customer data to potential and actual victim files from the industry-leading TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance database.
  • Inquiry history—Draws upon extensive knowledge of address and Social Security number usage to determine if there have been an excessive number of inquiries within a certain period of time.
  • Social Security number analysis—Identifies the year(s), state and age obtained for valid numbers, numbers not yet issued and numbers of deceased consumers. It also highlights unusual number of inquiries within past week, SSN belongs to a minor, SSN associated with multiple consumers.
  • Synthetic Fraud Model—Addresses the key question of whether an identity has been fabricated or manipulated.
  • ITIN alert—To check the accuracy of the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Other alerts flag non-residential information such as high-risk or suspicious addresses and phone numbers. Warnings may also be generated when potentially fraudulent application information is compared to customer-contributed data.


  • Multi-sourced database includes unique fraud victim data
  • Flexible message settings may be adjusted to meet user requirements
  • Over 50 specific and actionable warning messages are available
  • Digital verification and authentication ensure consumers are who they say they are by examining hundreds of digital signals captured during an online or mobile transaction

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