Verifications for confident lending decisions

We have a wide array of products and services (verifications) to help lenders confidently decide if applicants are good credit risks during the application stage of the mortgage process. 

Credit Reports

Tri-Merge Credit Report

We provide 1,2,3 bureau-merged credit reports, with Optional FICO® scores, fraud alerts, OFAC and ID search.

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Trended Data Credit Reports

With trended credit data, you have access to the monthly payment amounts your borrowers have made on revolving credit accounts over a two-year period.

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The LexisNexis® RiskView™ Liens & Judgments Report

Get improved accuracy and timeliness of lien and civil judgment data without incurring the additional expense of recalibrating your models.

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Credit Score Disclosure Reports/ FACTA Compliance

Our FACT Act compliance service automatically delivers the required documents to you or the consumer with every credit report you order.

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Check Identities

Identity Verifications

We offer identity verifications through each repository – Equifax SafeScan, TransUnion IDVision Alert, Experian Fraud Shield – so you can check credit application fraud.

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OFAC Alerts/Credit Report Authentication

Check borrower records against the U.S. Treasury’s master list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, which contains thousands of individual names.

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The Borrower Detail Report generated by FraudPlus validates the applicant’s identity, including name, address, Social Security number, birthdate, phone number, and other custom data. The report contains an easy-to-read cover page that highlights any risk concerns.

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Rescoring Options/Score Optimization Tools

Score Plus Rescoring

The Score Plus program allows Credit Plus to update credit information with the three national repositories in 5-7 business days.

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Credit Assure

Automatically scans credit files to identify opportunities that may raise scores based on accuracy or credit management updates.

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Lending Hand

Lending Hand puts Credit Plus experts on the job to help you guide and monitor applicants who are good candidates for loans in the near future.

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Credit Radar

This is a one-page credit report cover sheet that gives you a clear snapshot of an applicant’s credit worthiness.

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CreditXpert® WayfinderTM What-If Simulator

We offer a powerful scoring tool that provides a detailed analysis of the consumer’s credit score.

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