How confident are you in your credit decisions – especially when it comes to small businesses or those with little to no trade history? Do you often experience losses when you do extend credit to these new small businesses? The fact is, entrepreneurs often fund their businesses using their personal credit. That’s why if you’re evaluating risk and relying on the credit history of the business alone, you may be unknowingly putting yourself ─ and your business ─ in a vulnerable position.

Our Business Owner Report(s) provide the most accurate, current and comprehensive business owner or guarantor credit information available, so you can make more confident credit decisions for your existing customers throughout their account life cycle and for potential customers as well. They also help manage the risk of bringing on brand new small business accounts or going into new markets where larger, more established businesses are not as prevalent.

By accessing a personal credit report and FICO® score on a company’s owner(s) in addition to the standard business credit report, you can confidently decide whether to alter your decision or adjust terms before granting a business credit.  These reports are also useful when conducting annual portfolio reviews.


Gain an understanding of:

  • How the business owner or guarantor manages his/her personal credit
  • Any credit issues that may be cause for concern
  • Whether or not to extend credit or require cash upfront
  • Liens and civil judgments data with the LexisNexis® RiskView™ Liens & Judgments Report. Learn more about those reports here.

Product features

  • Easy-to-read report
  • Identity information for the business owner or guarantor
  • Comprehensive information about the credit history of the business owner including current payments, loan obligations and delinquent accounts
  • FICO score to help predict the likelihood of the business owner entering a seriously derogatory status within two years 
  • Soft or hard inquiry options available
  • Alerts to potentially fraudulent information

Product output

  • A consumer credit report containing additional credit information including identification information, employment information, inquiries, collections, public records, and trade history.
  • A three-digit score ranging from 300 to 850 that can be used to determine product pricing, product offer, credit limits, terms and termination.
  • A comprehensive scan that includes 28 possible alerts to identify potentially fraudulent information which may require in-depth verification. It covers issues such as fraud alerts, active duty alerts, SSN issues, suspicious addresses, and suspicious telephone numbers.

Product benefits


Minimize your credit risk with a complete view of a business’ banking, leasing, and trade receivables obligations and payment history, as well as consumer credit performance of the business owner/guarantor


Optimize revenue and profitability by using FICO® Scores 9, 8, or 5


Reduce fraud losses by receiving the business name, address, telephone number, and tax ID, and running the consumer inquiry through a comprehensive scan


Increase efficiency by seamlessly accessing both business and consumer credit information

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