Credit Plus is a leading provider of verifications to the mortgage industry and information services to companies that extend credit to other businesses. Our mission it to provide the intelligent insight that is necessary to make more informed lending and credit decisions. And, we do this with a fierce commitment to delivering unmatched customer service. We support our customers with a dedicated, local team that will help ensure you are utilizing the data we offer effectively to make the best possible decisions. In the end, it’s about reducing risk and helping businesses grow.

Our motivation is not simply to be the largest verifications and information services company; rather, we are driven to be one of the best. We accomplish this by staying on the forefront of industry trends while marrying our customers’ needs with our experience and expertise.

We are financially strong - our annual sales have quadrupled over the last few years; we are the largest privately held CRA; we have a national workforce exceeding 300 people; and we are one of the industry leaders in our space.

Our mission:

Enable confident business decisioning and effective risk mitigation by being at the forefront of automation, technology and verifications, while promoting industry education and providing unmatched customer service.


Much more than just credit…we’re Credit Plus

Call us at 800.258.3488 or click here to request more information.

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