Dynamic Business Credit Reporting Tools to Better Assess Risk

Businesses are constantly adjusting to the environments they find themselves in, be it a rapid contraction due to a national emergency or swift growth thanks to tremendous demand, an acquisition or a merger. Keeping in step with a business’ credit status is an important and difficult task for many lenders and businesses that extend credit to companies. Providers of business credit data supply lots of information, but often much of it is unreliable or irrelevant. However, our business credit reporting tools are verifiably better.


Business Credit Report

Unlike other data providers that offer “self-reported” information which is not verified, Credit Plus’ Business Credit Reports provide:

  • Credit data from a trusted third-party source that has verified millions of files – which makes it inherently much more reliable.
  • Access to a dedicated customer service team with a local presence that will assist and train your staff.
  • More value for your money. Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry – you only pay for what you use and there are no minimums.


Our Business Credit Reports provide a concise summary of detailed, customizable trade data that sheds light on a business’ payment history – and the meaning behind the data to help you make sound financial decisions, including:

  • Business demographics
  • Public records
  • Trade and financial payment history
  • Corporate family trees
  • Personal credit report and FICO score on company’s principal(s)
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings to learn how much a business is leveraged and the types of collateral used in outstanding loans
  • And more…

Business Credit Risk Score

Our Business Credit Risk Score solution generates business scores built on pre-recession, recession and post-recession data to help you better predict risk. Business Risk Score provides you with more predictive power so you can answer critical questions such as: “Will I be paid? When? Is my customer facing financial difficulty? Should I extend credit?”

  • Business Credit Risk Score predicts the likelihood of a business incurring a 90 day severe delinquency or charge-off
  • Business Failure Score predicts the likelihood of a business failing through either formal or informal bankruptcy

Business Analysis Report

This tool combines credit risk, fraud checks and company background into a single report so you can quickly make a credit decision. These comprehensive reports include multiple sources of data including:

  • Extensive, predictive analytics on businesses, owners and consumers
  • Scores to identify businesses at the highest risk for failure and payment default
  • Trade, public record, collection and company background information
  • Corporate linkage showing the financial relationship between related companies
  • Extensive background information
  • UCC Filings

Key benefits include:

  • Quality data – no self-reported information
  • Quick glimpse view
  • Recommends credit limits
  • Screens for possible fraud
  • Offers credit risk scores with quarterly score trends
  • Showcases how promptly a business pays its bills

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