Use account monitoring to boost revenue & build deeper customer relationships

Business Activity Monitor™ from Equifax maximizes cross-sell results & improves retention

Are you currently using account monitoring for up-sell/cross-sell opportunities? If so, how? Is your current account monitoring process manual or time intensive?

With Business Activity Monitor from Equifax®, you can monitor key customer metrics to uncover growth opportunities and improve cross-sell efforts by pre-approving customers for additional products at account acquisition. You can also monitor accounts for changes to financial health, credit scores, public record filings, negative business news, and Compliance Data Center alerts. It’s an automated alternative to periodically rescoring accounts.

Business Activity Monitor Benefits:

  • Empower sales with alerts on changes that signal up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Save time by only delivering alerts relevant to the users
  • Set frequency of alerts and thresholds to determine when an alert is generated (ex. if score changes by >5%)

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