Use account monitoring to manage accounts more effectively, boost collection outcomes & decrease delinquencies

Are you currently using account monitoring to watch for key changes to your customer accounts? If not, you should be. With the tools in our Business Account Monitoring service, you can monitor specific accounts or your entire customer portfolio for changes to financial health, credit scores, public record filings, etc. Receive customized, automated alerts on numerous criteria to help you identify emerging account risks and potential opportunities.


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Learn of important negative and positive events in your customers' credit profiles to identify possible future risk as well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities:

  • Credit score changes
  • Payment behavior changes
  • Payment ratio changes
  • Collections
  • Public record filings - such as liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Delinquencies
  • Inquiries

Monitor Portfolios

Detect early signs of trouble on your business accounts

Business Notices – Get the most recent negative changes to a customer’s financial status weekly and bankruptcy filings daily. You can filter the accounts you want to monitor and customize the warnings you would like to receive.

Owner Notices – Learn when the owners or guarantors are having financial difficulties long before your profit margin is impacted. Receive daily alerts for public records including bankruptcies, derogatory payment information, collections and more.

  • Receive automated alerts on any negative or positive account changes to take proactive steps to assist customers, reduce account delinquency and improve collection outcomes
  • Save time with consolidated, customized alerts containing only information and actionable insights that are relevant to pertinent individuals in your company
  • Set frequency of alerts and thresholds to determine when an alert is generated (ex. if score changes by >5%)

Score Portfolios

Identify risks and opportunities within your portfolio

Maximize Profits – Reduce delinquencies and write-offs to maximize net revenue by reviewing up-to-date information on your customers.

Save Time & Money – Focus your time on only those customers who pose a credit risk or show potential for additional revenue. Portfolio scoring allows you to review your entire portfolio in a fraction of the time, freeing up your credit team to address other needs.

Refine Credit Policy – Receive a comprehensive view of businesses and/or owners so you can identify trends in your portfolio and drive changes to your credit policy and practices.


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