QC Review – For Enhanced Quality Assurance from Pre-Closing and Beyond

Today more than ever it’s critical to have procedures in place that monitor loan quality throughout the entire loan origination process. QC Review enables you to do just that. With QC Review, you can run quality assurance checks to meet your policies and procedures – and ensure you are complying with agency and government quality control requirements for pre-funding analysis and post-closing audits.

Pre-closing services – QC Review takes each loan through a series of validations to ensure compliance, then provides a report detailing how the loan checked out and highlighting areas that need a closer look. Results are available in 24-to-48 hours, some of the fastest turn times in the industry. QC Review includes:

  • Credit refresh or Undisclosed Debt Verifications
  • Review of the automated underwriting approval
  • Verification of compliance with lender, state, and federal guidelines

Post-closing services – After closing, QC Review can perform a forensics review to verify data and compare documents for inconsistencies, omissions and compliance thresholds. Our proprietary technology allows comparisons of signatures, dates and other important details, clearly highlighting any inconsistencies and saving time over manual comparisons. And, QC Review can be customized to search for discrepancies based upon your specific needs. In addition, when you utilize QC Review for a portfolio review or an audit, you will receive a report within 30 days.

To learn more about how QC Review can enhance your quality assurance processes throughout the life of your loans, contact your Credit Plus Representative today or click here.

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