Make the best use of your precious time

Do these things faster online!

Instead of calling, go to our website, log onto our system and take care of the following 9 things in just minutes:

  1. Check the status of a supplement. Just click on the Supplement Requests link in the Recent Requests tab from the main desktop in our system and you can view the status. It will also show which customer service rep is working on it and allow you to contact that person directly.
  2. Add a bureau or borrower on a credit report. Go to the credit file screen on the report and click on Add Bureaus/Spouse under Add-on products.
  3. Delete a borrower on a credit report. Open your borrower’s file and the joint credit report number, then uncheck the borrower you’re removing and click “view.” Select Create Unmerged Copy and you’ll then receive a new file number to reissue back into the loan and through an AUS.
  4. Swap borrowers. Open your borrower’s file and the joint credit report number, then make sure both borrowers and all bureaus are selected. Select View in the web format. Then you will see a button to SWAP applicants. The file number remains the same.
  5. Add a borrower’s contact number or upload the borrower’s Go to the credit file screen and add information.
  6. Order a mortgage reference only report to review the mortgage history payment for your borrower’s refinance.
  7. Reduce unnecessary conference calls. Include the borrower’s recent mortgage statement with your request.
  8. Help your borrowers avoid conference calls. When placing your request, upload their most recent mortgage and credit card statements.
  9. Verify or reverify income and employment. In the absence of 4506-C tax return verifications, use The Work Number®, a solution offered through Equifax Workforce Solutions and the largest collection of payroll records contributed directly by employers. Or, verify manually with help from the Credit Plus team.

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