Introducing the Credit Plus Collection

One gallery of services for all your verification needs

Take a moment to equate vetting a borrower with art. Think about it – art is unique. What one person considers a masterpiece, another might consider a piece of junk. There can be a fine line there, and to gain consensus for the worthiness of a piece of art, an artist’s full collection of work is considered to provide perspective in terms of his or her overall creative style and expertise.

Similarly, there can be a fine line between those you approve for a loan and those you don’t. And, there is real art that goes into verifying a borrower to determine their creditworthiness. If you are obtaining a piece of their financial puzzle from one source, and another piece from a different source, you should give some serious consideration to vendor consolidation.

Just as a person gains a better sense of an artist’s capabilities by viewing a collection of art at a single exhibit, you can better assess a borrower’s creditworthiness by consolidating all your verifications with one source. By doing so you will realize greater efficiencies:

    • Save time by vetting just one source
    • Save money with reduced fees
    • Facilitate regulatory compliance

Contact your regional representative today to learn about the Credit Plus Collection – the only source you need for verifications from pre-application to post-close. Or, for more information, click here.

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