Close significantly more loans with Score Plus

When it comes to credit scores, even a few points can make all the difference. Score Plus, our rapid rescoring program, lets you to quickly update information at the three national credit bureaus so your borrower can get the most accurate score – and qualify for the loan he or she wants.

How Score Plus works

Through Score Plus, we can update credit information in as little as 72 hours. Credit Plus will forward documents supplied by your borrower directly to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian for a rush investigation and rapid rescoring. Each bureau, in turn, will verify the documentation and provide an updated report and score in as little as three-to-five days.

Score Plus is a fast, easy and reliable way to: 

  • Delete misreported, inaccurate or outdated information
  • Remove derogatory information and accounts that were reported in error
  • Update an account that has been paid in full and closed
  • Update the status of a collection and update a balance or paid-in-full status
  • Update an account to show it is included in a bankruptcy
  • Remove late dates from tradelines

Score Big with Score Plus

For more information about this convenient and fast rescoring program, contact your Credit Plus account executive or click here.

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