Title Services

Credit Plus Provides Customizable Title Services and Products in All 50 States

Credit Plus offers title services and products nationwide, including a selection of full title insurance policies as well as property reports (O&E reports) and home equity products. We bundle together the best title service products from around the industry to offer exactly the solution you need.

Credit Plus provides title service solutions for purchase money, refinance and home equity transactions.

  • Full Title Insurance – We’re committed to providing title insurance policies that include all deeds in the chain of title, judgments, liens, open mortgages/deeds of trust and tax information, along with the legal description of the property.
  • Refinance Product – This streamlined product provides savings you can pass along to the borrower.
  • Home Equity Solutions – This credit-based product for home equity loans, coupled with a Legal and Vesting, allows faster closings than traditional means. In addition, we offer an accelerated title solution.
  • Property Reports – A limited search of public records that includes the current owner of the property, how the property was conveyed to the owner, open mortgages, liens and judgments, tax information and legal description.
  • Legal and Vesting – Provides recordable legal description and current ownership.

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