Settlement Services

Credit Plus Can Help With All Your Mortgage Closing Requirements

Working with you, Credit Plus will facilitate a full range of settlement services, including title search, HUD document preparation and mortgage closing. We provide settlement services for thousands of mortgage closing agents in all 50 states and can provide a centralized, customized solution for you and your borrower.

Other settlement services include payoffs and subordinations and arranging for notaries that are available 24/7. Our flexible hours and the ability to schedule mortgage closing appointments in the borrower’s home or place of business, as well as a more typical office setting, make it easy for your customer. A flat fee covers all charges for settlement services, including courier, notary, doc-prep, printing and delivery, review and wire fees, and fees for weekend/evening mortgage closings.

Settlement services provided include:

  • Title Clearance – We work with the lender to clear all liens, complete the title review sheet, obtain secured lien payoffs, cure title defects and prepare tax certification.
  • Pre-Closing Preparation – After receipt of loan package, we prepare a HUD 1 based on closing instructions and generate a pre-HUD with all applicable title, settlement and government fees.
  • Scheduling – We coordinate the signing date and time with one of more than 10,000 approved closing professionals and provide confirmation of scheduling within two hours.
  • Document Preparation – HUD documentation preparation and delivery is based on your specifications and is typically completed within two hours of closing instructions.
  • Brick and Mortar Closings – We handle brick and mortar closings for purchase and notary closings. We also have an entire network of attorneys available for attorney states.
  • Post-Closing Review – Closing packages are quality-checked to ensure completeness and recordability. We upload all executed documents to our website, deliver quality-checked documents to the lender, track and confirm receipt of funds and much more.
  • Disbursements – All funds from the transaction will be disbursed at our central location to ensure a secure, timely funding process.

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