Credit Reports

Credit Plus offers a full range of credit reports.

Trended Credit Data

Business Credit Reports

Businesses regularly expand and contract with financial gains and losses, capital investments. mergers and acquisitions. For lenders and companies that extend credit to other businesses, staying on top of a firm's credit status is critical - and challenging. Get better business intel with the Business Intel Suite from Credit Plus.


Credit Plus is dedicated to helping you comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations affecting the mortgage industry. We continue to offer tools designed to make compliance easier and less time-consuming for your staff.

CFPB Ability-to-Repay Rule | COMPARE | FACT Act

Lost Sales Analysis

Lost Sales Analysis helps lenders gain a better understanding of the applicants they’ve lost, who they lost them to, and why. It provides loan-level competitive intelligence that can help them maximize their marketing ROI while improving closing rates and customer retention.

Flood Zone Determination

Credit Plus can provide you with timely flood zone determination and other reports based on the most comprehensive and up-to-date FEMA data.

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Credit Plus provides robust analytical tools to help your clients achieve their goals.

Score Plus/Rescoring | Lending Hand | Score Wizard with Wayfinder | Credit Radar | Download Score Plus Form

Mortgage Fraud Prevention Tools
mortgage fraud prevention tools

Credit Plus is committed to the fight against fraud. Our income verification and mortgage fraud prevention tools help identify fraudulent or invalid loan applications to protect you from taking on undue risk.

FraudPlus | Tax Return Verification Reports | FACTCheck | Undisclosed Debt Verifications | Employment and Income Verifications | Asset Validations | Social Security Number Verifications | IDPlus | Equifax SafeScan (Identity Scan) | TransUnion - High Risk Fraud Alert | Experian - Fraud Shield | The Red Flags Rule | OFAC Alerts/Credit Report Authentication | Mortgage Participant Report

QA/QC Services

Credit Plus offers a loan quality control program: QC Review powered by the LoanHD® Platform. QC Review enables lenders to run quality assurance checks throughout the entire origination process using real-time QC technology – from pre-closing to closing and beyond.

Reps & Warranties

Our exclusive Reps and Warranties coverage protects all of our verification services. So, when you buy our insured products, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you’re better managing third party risk and defending your business against the negative financial consequences of a possible loan default and the resulting repurchase request.

Appraisal Services

Credit Plus provides both traditional and alternative real estate appraisal solutions as well as collateral valuation products.

Appraisals | AVM | AVM-Lite

Settlement & Title Services

Credit Plus offers a full range of settlement and title services as well as help with any defaults that may occur.

Settlement Services | Title Services

Lead Generation

Credit Plus partners with Experian to provide mortgage professionals with the best prescreened mortgage lead generation products in the industry.