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Credit reports can sometimes be misleading. At first glance, an applicant might appear mortgage-worthy – or not. But with trended credit data, you can now get a more accurate picture of an applicant’s approach to credit management over time – which could be the difference between approval and denial.

A smarter way to analyze your borrower

Today’s credit reports are just snapshots in time, showing only the outstanding balance and if a borrower has been on time or delinquent on existing credit accounts (those where a balance can be carried over time or paid off in full, such as credit cards) and installment accounts (those with a set monthly fee that is paid until the account is paid off in full, such as a mortgage or student loan).

Trended Credit Data Benefits:

  • Obtain access to the monthly payment amounts your borrowers have made on revolving credit accounts over a two-year period
  • Determine if a borrower tends to pay off revolving credit lines each month or carry a balance from month-to-month while making minimum or other payments
  • See seasonal and sudden changes in revolving credit behavior
  • Obtain a more comprehensive depiction of a borrower’s approach to credit management
  • Make a more accurate assessment of an applicant’s creditworthiness, thereby minimizing your own risk

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