Reduce loan fallout. Qualify more applicants. Capture more closings.

CloseCAPTURE™ is a suite of products designed to help reduce loan fallout by lowering credit report costs, qualifying more applicants with credit score issues, preventing approved applicants from going elsewhere, finding more quality leads and retaining your portfolio. Watch the video on the right for more detail on all of the solutions CloseCAPTURE has to offer.


Reduce credit report costs

We offer two solutions to help you reduce your out-of-pocket credit report expenses.

Pre-Approval Plus: Reduce your upfront costs and pre-approve your applicants with one bureau soft credit pull. It will let you know whether to move forward with the loan application. Learn more.

SmartSelect: Obtain 1-3 bureau hard inquiries by setting parameters within your LOS to pull one bureau first and if requirements are met, the two other reports can be ordered.  And, with our SmartPay feature, you can even request that applicants pay online for their credit reports.

Qualify more applicants

Do you have applicants whose credit scores are close to qualifying? Before you tell them no, utilize one of our services.

CreditXpert® Wayfinder™: This online tool evaluates hundreds of options for your applicant and looks at the positive and negative factors influencing their score. Receive an expert evaluation. Learn more.

Lending Hand: This low-cost, expert evaluation of a credit file gives you helpful insights to share with your borrower and a planned set of actions for the highest probability of a successful rescore. Learn more.

Stop losing applicants to other lenders

Do you know why some applications didn't close? Stop wondering and become informed with our Lost Sales Analysis. This tool lets you take a dive deep into detailed data so you can monitor portfolio run-off trends and make educated decisions to improve customer retention based on what you learn about your competition. Learn more.

Find more quality leads

A no-minimum-fee leads alternative whereby we can create customized lists of quality leads based on attributes you select. Or, you can give us a list of names and we can check it against your pre-screen criteria. You can also set up alerts to help you monitor your existing portfolio to see if your borrowers are shopping for another loan so you can arm yourself with a viable, alternative solution. And, if you have a call center and a SAN#, you can purchase these leads for telemarketing purposes as well. We even offer a turnkey marketing solution that lets you select a mail piece to send to your leads and that we can submit to an approved printer and mailhouse for you – all we need is your logo and contact information. Learn more.

Retain your portfolio

LeadsFINDER PLUS Portfolio Retention Alerts: Give us your existing portfolio information and we’ll monitor it for you…automatically alerting you if any of your borrowers are shopping for a mortgage.

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