Take a quick look at a credit report cover page

A Credit Radar at-a-glance credit report cover page from Credit Plus can help mortgage lenders by providing an easy-to-use summary of a loan applicant’s mortgage credit report.

Credit Radar is an automatically generated cover page for mortgage credit reports that gives lenders an instant snapshot of an applicant’s credit worthiness.

Features of Credit Radar™

  • Evaluate your applicant’s credit situation and spot any critical issues
  • Review cover page that is delivered automatically with no additional logins or clicks
  • Combines revolutionary credit intelligence and industry best practices into a simple, elegant cover page

Each Credit Radar at-a-glance credit report cover page includes an easy-to-scan summary of three components:

  • A forecast of the applicant’s mid-score in 30 days, enabling the lender to immediately be aware of potential problems at closing.
  • A mid-score risk component that alerts the lender if a nominal increase in the applicant’s revolving balance would put the mid-score at risk of dropping.
  • Key indicators that may require the lenders attention.

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