Find out where lost applicants went and why

Do you know where your lost business went? Did your applicants take their business elsewhere – and if so, do you know why?

Our new Lost Sales Analysis can help you gain a better understanding of the applicants you’ve lost, who you lost them to, and why. With this loan-level competitive intelligence, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your processes so you can reduce pipeline fallout, maximize your marketing ROI and improve customer retention.

  • Learn which competitors won your applicants’ business
  • Understand portfolio run-off trends to increase customer retention
  • Better assess pipeline fallout to improve your closing rates

The data holds the key

To capture and keep credit-worthy borrowers, you need the detailed data our Lost Sales Analysis provides and the insight it offers to make the right adjustments to your sales and marketing strategies. Specifically, the output contains:

  • The lenders associated with lost sales
  • The characteristics associated with the consumers’ new loans
  • Purchase/Refinance flag

Who reaps the benefits?

Our Lost Sales Analysis helps your marketing and sales team determine where leads went and why. At the same time, those with roles in origination and production will be able to understand what happened in the pipeline to cause the lost sale. And, those responsible for portfolio retention will learn why existing customers left. In the end, your loan operation will gain the intelligence it needs to find out where your lost sales went so you can retain them going forward.

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