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A turnkey lead generation program

With LeadsFINDER PLUS, you can execute a professional and personalized lead generation program in 3 easy steps.


1. Select your leads

LeadsFINDER PLUS gives you access to a no-minimum-fee lead source that utilizes a pre-screen database of 160 million names that is updated every two weeks. With it you can build a targeted list of qualified leads by choosing among a long list of attributes including credit score range, LTV, bankruptcies, trade line information and more. Or, if you already have a prospect list, you can give it to us and we can check it against your pre-screen criteria. What’s more, you can also set up alerts to help you monitor your existing portfolio to see if your borrowers are shopping for another loan so you can arm yourself with a viable, alternative solution. And, if you have a call center and a SAN#, you can even purchase these leads for telemarketing purposes.


2. Select your marketing piece

Once your list is in place, you can extend to them a firm offer of credit quickly and easily - no marketing team required! Just contact your Credit Plus Account Executive to gain access to the LeadsFINDER PLUS marketing materials library. Then, just choose a mail piece format and creative approach, and submit your logo and contact information. It’s as simple as that. You can even create your own marketing piece if you prefer.


3. Select a printer and mailhouse

The last step is to choose an Equifax-approved printer and mailhouse. A complete list of approved printers and mailhouses is available from your Credit Plus Account Executive. However, if you prefer to use your own printer or mailhouse, you can, however, they must be approved by Equifax. 

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