Unmask Your Applicant’s True Identity with FraudPlus

During the first several months of the pandemic, mortgage fraud decreased since the majority of loans were refinances. Today, mortgage fraud is increasing and is similar to what it was in 2019.

The fact is schemers continue to get smarter and invent new ways to commit mortgage fraud. But with FraudPlus from Credit Plus | UniversalCIS, you can minimize your risk and have greater confidence that your borrower really is who he or she says he is.

This comprehensive risk assessment tool catches data errors on applications and quickly and easily identifies invalid information. And unlike other fraud tools, undisclosed debt verifications are also integrated into it.

With FraudPlus, you can customize your own risk alerts – low, medium, or high risk – and pick and choose the reports that best suit your unique needs. Three separate reports are available:

  • Borrower Detail Report – Validates the applicant’s identity; customers can even receive a transaction history of properties/addresses their applicants are associated with or where they have resided. Some of the information that may be provided include driver’s license, employer validation, bankruptcies, liens and judgements, businesses the person is associated with, and more.
  • Property Detail Report – Validates the property actually exists and can confirm characteristics of the dwelling, substantiates previous ownership and lets you know if the person is at risk for flipping the property. It can provide such things as recent sale information for properties in the area, active listings for property in the area, and comparable information.
  • Mortgage Participant Detail Report – Provides the results of those people involved with the mortgage such as appraiser licensing data, industry watch lists and more.

Additionally, you can order any part of FraudPlus at the same time as a credit report and have it appended right to the credit report.

Click here to learn more or contact your account executive for more information.

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