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Did you know that the average credit score for people age 29 and under is just 662? And for those between 29 and 39 it is 673 – as compared to those 60 and over whose average score is 749?*

If you have applicants with less than perfect credit scores, let us lend a hand with Lending Hand. It’s a credit score consulting service that produces customized credit action plans for borrowers with credit scores that fall short of qualifying. This exclusive service will give your borrowers the highest probability for successful rescores ─ you can even target increases of 5 or 105 points to better position your borrower to qualify for a specific product, lender or rate tier.

In just 24-48 hours, Lending Hand will provide:

  • In depth analysis of your borrower’s credit file
  • Analysis of their financial decisions and how they may have impacted the score and timeline
  • File-specific recommendations including a realistic rescore option and/or a time saving action plan

A Lending Hand lender’s experience

Ryan M., a Senior Loan Offi­cer with a Midwest lender, has been using Lending Hand for over five years and accesses the service approximately five times a month. Though only 10% of his credit challenged borrowers actually do the work needed to address their credit issues, those that do pull through are impressive. He had one borrower who implemented Lending Hand’s recommendations and jumped 50 points in just one week. Another increased his score by 90 points in only 30 days.

To learn more about the experiences of other Lending Hand fans, read our case study. Or, contact your account executive for more information.

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