A Homebuyers Club powered by iQualifier is crucial for your future growth

Help your declined applicants become homeowners - and reduce your borrower acquisition costs! 

How much are you paying to get applicants in the door only to turn them down due to poor credit? Create more value from the time, money and effort you are already spending with a Homebuyers Club powered by iQualifier, a service of Credit Plus, Inc.

A Homebuyers Club, which can be privately branded with your company name, can help you capture the money you leave on the table when you reject an applicant. It will introduce your declined applicants to www.iqualifier.com, our robust credit management site, where they’ll gain access to powerful analytic tools that can help them get on the path to qualification:

  • IQ Score Manager – A powerful simulator that shows how their financial behavior may affect their credit
  • A personalized action plan to help them better understand the connection between their financial decisions, credit scores, loan qualification and their interest rate
  • Monthly credit reports and scores to help them monitor their progress
  • Monthly email notifications to help them stay on the path toward success    


Lender Portal keeps applicants in your pipeline

iQualifier’s  Lender Portal is a tool that lets you create various reports to help you manage your Homebuyers Club and better estimate your future pipeline:

  • View enrolled applicants by name in the dashboard
  • Set a target score for each applicant
  • Get notified when an applicant registers, cancels or reaches the target score you set
  • Set a viewing hierarchy to review applicant data by corporate, branch or loan officer level

In addition, the Lender Portal includes a Lender Share Service which lets you view your applicants’ credit progress and monitor them every step of the way so you can help them meet their goals. It shows you exactly what your applicants are seeing throughout the process. It also allows you to view the simulator and work with the applicant, if he or she desires. By keeping an online eye on applicants, you can foster a relationship that can help ensure they turn to you when they are ready to buy a home.

Marketing samples to get you started

We’ll support your efforts to market your Homebuyers Club by providing examples of communications materials that you can easily brand with your company name, including:

  • Flyers
  • Website copy
  • Website banner ads
  • Handout cards
  • Emails and eblasts


20% of declined applicants who use this program return to the mortgage pipeline within a few months!*

Establish a Homebuyers Club and watch your pipeline grow! Click here to request more information about a Homebuyers Club from your Regional Account Representative

*Based on a sampling of the top 91 lenders with consumers in the program for 60 days or more.