Equifax SAFESCAN® (Identity Scan)

A Cost-Effective Identity Theft Solution

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the nation, forcing businesses to find solutions that will both streamline and automate their fraud detection and identity verification processes.

SAFESCAN (Identity Scan) from Equifax is a fraud prevention tool that compares consumer-provided information against a separate nationwide database and alerts you to questionable or potentially suspicious information. Automatically monitoring each inquiry, SAFESCAN (Identity Scan) conducts a comprehensive Social Security number and address search. 

Here’s how SAFESCAN (Identity Scan) reduces application fraud:

  • Highlights fraudulent or potentially fraudulent information.
  • Identifies when a Social Security number has never been issued by the Social Security Administration, has previously been misused or was reported as belonging to a deceased person.
  • Warns when an applicant’s address has been misused in the past, or is associated with two or more names or Social Security numbers.
  • Warns about nonresidential addresses and phone numbers, such as prisons, the U.S. Postal Service, check cashing facilities and telephone answering services.
  • Flags applications that should be examined more closely to verify address or Social Security number

SAFESCAN (Identity Scan) enables you to easily implement a cost-effective solution into your current process, and it provides fraud protection that practically pays for itself – even if it stops just one fraud loss out of thousands of applicants.

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