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Are you worried about your customers paying their invoices? Are some customers in certain parts of the country falling behind with their payments? What percentage of my portfolio is considered high risk?

If you need help improving your cash flow, collections efficiency and days sales outstanding right now, Credit Plus can help.

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A Modern Approach to Risk Management


Which areas have been affected?

  • Business Risk Index

Is my portfolio deteroriating?

  • Business Credit Report
  • Business Owner Report
  • Blended Report

How can I stay informed on any changes to my customers' financial health?

  • Business Account Monitoring
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Portfolio Scores

COVID-19 Risk Management Toolbox

4 must-have credit services to help your business survive & thrive

1. COVID-19 US Business Risk Index:

What areas of the country have been affected the most by this pandemic? This new tool provides a view of the potential impact of the pandemic on your business’ operational activity, as well as your network of suppliers and customers. It analyzes various business data to generate insights that can help companies project and test impact scenarios state by state and develop alternative strategies to weather those impacts.

Want to learn how you can integrate these insights into your COVID-19 strategy? Our business data team is available to demo it today.


2. Business Credit Report:

Stay on top of your customers’ credit by pulling a Business Credit Report on individual customers or your entire portfolio of loans or accounts and review key metrics such as:

  • Business demographics
  • Public records
  • Trade and financial payment history
  • Corporate family trees
  • Personal credit report and FICO® score on company’s principal(s)
  • And more

This data comes from a trusted third-party source that has verified millions of files. That makes our Business Credit Reports inherently much more reliable than those offered by other data providers that contain “self-reported” information which is not verified. Our pricing is extremely competitive too – you only pay for what you use and there are no minimums or long-term contracts.

Utilize our  Business Credit Risk Score combined with our Business Failure Score to help you answer important questions during this pandemic such as: “Will I be paid? When? Is my customer facing financial difficulty? Should I extend credit?”

  • Business Credit Risk Score predicts the likelihood of a business incurring a 90-day severe delinquency or charge-off
  • Business Failure Score predicts the likelihood of a business failing through either formal or informal bankruptcy

3. Business Owner Report:

Our Business Owner Report rounds out what you can learn about a company’s financial health by offering the most accurate, current, and detailed business owner credit information available. When you use our Business Owner Report in combination with the Business Credit Report, you can make more informed decisions about extending credit to prospective customers or adjusting their terms. For existing customers, you will be able to see if the owners are having any credit issues which could signal future problems for the business, enabling you to take appropriate action sooner rather than later. You’ll receive:

  • Business owner identity information
  • Detailed data about the credit history of the business owner FICO® score
  • Alerts to potentially fraudulent information
  • And more

4. Business Account Monitoring:

Once you’ve decided to extend credit to a company, it’s critically important to keep a constant eye on its ongoing financial situation. Today’s economic uncertainty has punctuated that fact. With Business Account Monitoring,  you can more effectively manage accounts, boost collection outcomes & decrease delinquencies. With the tools included in this service, you can monitor individual accounts or your entire customer portfolio for changes to financial health, credit scores, public record filings and more.

  • Portfolio Monitoring – Helps you detect early signs of trouble on your small business accounts. Our Business Notices will alert you to negative changes and bankruptcy filings and Owner Notices will inform you when the owners are having financial troubles and include bankruptcies, derogatory payment information, collections and more.
  • Portfolio Scoring – Allows you to review your entire portfolio in a fraction of the time, identifying risks and opportunities within your portfolio to maximize profits, save time and money and refine your credit policy.

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