Credit Plus is a leading provider of business data to companies that extend credit to other businesses. Our mission is to provide intelligent insight that is necessary to make more informed credit decisions. In the end, it’s about reducing risk and helping businesses grow.

What sets us apart

Unmatched Customer Service

We support our customers with a dedicated, local team that will help ensure you are utilizing the data we offer effectively to make the best possible decisions.

Superior Credit Data

Our reports have the information you need to make solid decisions and include verified business identities, detailed credit histories, and corporate linkage.

True Business Value

We help companies know their customers, grow their businesses and protect their profits. In other words, we help companies reach their full business potential.

Easy to Apply Reports

Obtain the information that you need to make credit decisions. We provide insights and answers that are beyond the data dump so you can easily view the right information to make confident decisions.

Expansive Small Business Coverage

Especially with firms $20 million and below in revenue.

Much more than just credit…we’re Credit Plus

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Business Knowledge Hub

Here you can find the resources that will put you in the know about all things Credit Plus. Just click below for easy access to our multi-media educational tools and press coverage.