Verifiably better business credit information and data

How do you assess new accounts for creditworthiness? Are you making credit decisions on small businesses or those with little to no trade credit history? Do you consider related businesses or business owner/guarantor information when making these assessments?

Or, have you experienced significant losses from extending credit to new small business customers?

If you need better credit data, turn to Credit Plus. We’re one of the leading providers of data services for companies that extend credit to other businesses. Our intelligent insights can help you make more informed credit decisions and mitigate risk. And, we’ll support you with an unparalleled customer service team that always has your best interests in mind.

Featured Services

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Equifax Business Credit Report

Get the detailed credit data you need to help assess the financial health of a company. You can even customize the report to receive only the information that’s necessary to make educated decisions.

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B2B Marketing Leads List

If you need a reliable resource that offers quality business leads for your marketing campaigns, look no further. With our immense database, you can build a customized and highly targeted prospecting list.

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Equifax Business Principal Report

When evaluating risk, you may need more information than just the credit history of a company. This report gives you detailed credit data on the firm’s owner.

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Tools to help your business prosper


Verify Company Data & Manage Risk

Our Business Credit Reports come from a trusted third-party source that has double-checked millions of files. That means the data is not “self-reported” so it is far more reliable than that offered by competing providers.

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Win More Customers

Our B2B marketing lists allow you to quickly identify, reach and connect with your target audience, cross-sell and up-sell within your existing customer database, and generate a higher return on investment for your marketing dollars.

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Retain Your Clients

Retaining customers and growing your relationships with them is crucial for success in business. We offer tools to help you deepen and continuously monitor your customer relationships.

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