AVM-Lite Reports

Obtain Property Market Value Results Within Seconds

Now you can offer your clients a quick, affordable property appraisal report with an AVM-Lite report from Credit Plus. An AVM-Lite report provides a snapshot of a property’s valuation, minus the cost of an expensive full AVM appraisal report.

AVM-Lite reports include a property’s estimated value, estimated value range and a confidence score. Credit Plus returns one or more of the best-performing AVM-Lite reports within seconds by cascading across six of the industry’s most respected AVM models.

Simply enter a street address and ZIP code, and AVM-Lite will deliver optimum valuation results. The cascading approach greatly increases your hit rate and accuracy.

Key features of AVM-Lite reports:

  • Provide market value results from a single request within seconds
  • Help determine if the current market value warrants going forward with a more expensive uniform residential appraisal report
  • Upgrade from AVM-Lite to a full AVM report within 30 days and only pay for a full AVM

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