Director of Corporate Compliance

Catherine Hoffman has worked in the credit industry for more than a decade. In her current role, she oversees all compliance-related activities, acting as independent review and evaluation body to ensure compliance issues are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved. She also ensures full compliance from all parties with contracts and service agreements. Ms. Hoffman is also responsible for developing and maintaining compliance training programs and corporate policies and procedures to ensure legal, ethical, and proper conduct, while collaborating with other departments to direct compliance issues to appropriate channels for investigation and resolution.

Ms. Hoffman began her career working as a first- and third-party collector. She also served as a residential mortgage credit reporter, creating error-free merged credit reports to help consumers get approved for home loans. Recently, Ms. Hoffman was an Asset Recovery Specialist representing a bank in court for all charge off loans, while she maintained and managed bankrupt loans, and handled the repossession process.

Catherine Hoffman Image